I purchased a ticket. I paid an additional $9.99 that allowed for 12 hour cancellation.

Seven hours after I purchased the ticket, I wanted to process a refund. I clicked on the cancellation link provided, gave them the numbers they needed. I submitted twice just to make sure. I also called the cancellation number they provided, but there was no answer. I tried for two hours straight, but no answer. I was not even allowed to have the call placed in a waiting ***. The office hours expired, thus no more calls that day.

I tried the phone number the next day several times. Just a message, then hang up. Nothing.

I sent an email again the next day, but was now informed that since there was no log of a phone call (since they would not answer the phone), or no email (I used the link they provided), that a refund could not be processed.

I'm sorry that their processes do not allow for refunds to be requested. I tried to comply with their instructions. I'm pretty sure I will never receive a refund, and I am powerless to force them, but I will raise my voice against this company.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Just $9 be happy not more , lucky uuuu


Dear Customer,

Greetings for Globester.com!

Please be informed that your being your booking a past dated and no longer in void period, we won't be able to process a refund. Also, we contacted Frontier Airlines and were assured that a future credit will be given to you, valid for one year from the ticket issuance date.

Also, we checked and found no records of your calls or e-mails to our support desk requesting to cancel the reservation and in response to the requests submitted online we did tried to call you back and confirm the request but were not received.

Please feel free to contact us at our customer service (1-888-206-2080) or write in to support@globester.com.

Thank You,

Marvin Globester Support One World!

One Life! Travel!

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